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Parque Costa i Llobera, Alcúdia

Este parque situado en Alcúdia, tiene una particularidad: combina una pista arena, una zona de balancines, una zona Unimini y como novedad una zona PlayCubes.

14/05/2019 10:45:00

Detalles del proyecto

Escuela de Primaria Kingsland, Castleford

Kingsland Primary School es una escuela SEN con calificación sobresaliente en Castleford, Inglaterra, que atiende a niños con una variedad de discapacidades de aprendizaje. Le pidieron a HAGS que diseñara y construyera áreas de juego para cada uno de sus dos sitios.

22/01/2019 15:42:00

Detalles del proyecto

Zona de juegos más grande de toda la República Checa

El nuevo parque infantil en Ostrava se ha convertido en el más grande del país, con grandes estructuras UniMini y UniPlay hechas a medida, además cuenta con equipos de gimnasia al aire libre.

21/01/2019 11:14:00

Detalles del proyecto

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Fitness al aire libre

Consideramos que es importante proporcionar equipos que ayuden a hacer frente a la inactividad física, la obesidad y las condiciones de salud prevenibles, al tiempo que hacemos todo lo posible para proteger el planeta.
HAGS Powered by TGO le trae las últimas innovaciones en equipos de gimnasio al aire libre, desde máquinas cardiovasculares hasta entrenamiento de calistenia.

Outdoor Fitness Product Range

We believe we can make a difference with inclusive, family-friendly gyms

We clearly believe that we can highlight the benefits of our products to help customers create happier individuals and healthier communities. Our outdoor gyms have been designed to welcome everyone - young, old, inactive, active and people with a wide range of health needs.

Join us and get moving

Exercising is just one way of improving the health and wellbeing of children, young people and adults. We feel it is important to provide equipment that helps tackle physical inactivity, obesity and preventable health conditions. Our range of outdoor fitness equipment can be used to encourage physical activity and help to improve strength, stamina, toning and coordination in a fun way, while being good for the planet.

HAGS Powered by TGO Partnership

Our collaborative partnership with UK Outdoor gym leader, The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO), is about setting out a vision to activate the health of people and the planet. By joining forces, we plan to provide a movement journey for all. HAGS Fitness powered by TGO will create the next generation of family-friendly outdoor fitness spaces, inclusive for all generations from young to old and for inactive to active.

“The great strength of this new partnership between TGO Gyms and HAGS is our shared vision. We agree that movement is one of the best medicines we have"

Georgie Delaney, Joint Managing Director of TGO Gyms

View full press release

Our 5-year goals

We genuinely care about people, property and the world around us. We want to always do what’s right; we are accountable, inclusive and responsible.

Below are our 3 goals for the next five years:

Install 5,000 new gyms

tackle inactivity

Activate the power of movement by creating the most accessible and inspiring outdoor fitness spaces to tackle the inactivity crisis across the globe, reduce obesity and diabetes, boost immunity and improve mental health.

Over 650 million people are obese worldwide.

Inspire & activate 5 million people

get people active

Provide the most family-friendly products and packages on the market, featuring the most inclusive outdoor gym and play equipment with activation tools tailored for all ages and abilities. With the aim to get 5,000,000 people active. 

Over consumption and inactivity may have contributed to the high number of coronavirus deaths.

Protect the planet

plant 25 thousand trees

Together, HAGS and TGO will plant 25,000 trees, support ocean clean-ups and promote sustainability from design through to manufacturing, installation and activation programmes.

Deforestation is causing millions of hectares of carbon-trapping trees to be destroyed every year.

How can we help you make a difference?

There are so many ways you can make a real difference and help us tackle inactivity within your community, whilst doing your bit for the environment. Here are six reasons to get motivated and install a HAGS Fitness solution in your area.


You can create green energy

chargin phone on an outdoor gym equipment

Our equipment captures human energy and converts it to useable electricity. With our Power Smart Gyms you can charge mobile phones and tablets via USB and you can also store excess energy that you create in our Energy Display Unit to then power interactive lighting on your site.


More about the Power Smart range


You can do your bit for the environment

HAGS Forest coming soon

We have made a commitment to help offset our carbon emission by planting one tree for every gym installed.

In the first seven years of the partnership with the UK NHS Forest (2012 to 2019), 3,285 trees were planted, including several larger blocks of new woodland.

More on tree planting

You can track activity at your gym

energy display for outdoor gyms

Our Smart gyms are the only outdoor gyms with in-built measurement tools. Every piece in our Power Smart range can be upgraded to include Smart technology.

We can apply our Smart gym equipment to new or existing sites so you can track activity and energy generation at your gym.

What are Smart gyms?

You can connect with the community

App for finding outdoor gyms

The HAGS/TGO Activate App enables local people to find local HAGS/TGO Gyms, discover the equipment, track their activity and connect with their community. The app also gives insights to the gym owner, including anonymised demographics, activity and wellbeing data.

More on TGO Activate App


You can stay safe with our antimicrobial paint

antimicrobial paint on outdoor fitness equipment

Outstanding engineering is what sets us apart. The HAGS CoatTM Antimicrobial Technology that is active in our paint finishes destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and mould on a protected surface, offering users peace of mind that they have another layer of defence for their product.

What is HAGS CoatTM Technology?

You can take part in free fitness classes

outdoor screen for fitness classes

Our Virtual Activators are robust, waterproof screens that will democratise classes and the gym experience, providing up to 4800 gym classes per year. They will empower communities with the best classes every day for free. Content created will be tailored to a variety of audiences.


Outdoor gym HAGS

Outdoor Gym, Charlotte Corday stadium, Mondeville

The project was spearheaded by Paolo Boulent, director of Mondeville city council' sports department and ex-professional athlete, and is part of a wider programme launched by the council to improve the city's sports provision and encourage the residents to work out regularly.

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multi sports court in black with basketball and football goal ends

Multisports Court Arena, Brisbane, Australia

This court is one of the 12 MUGA sites to be installed for Brisbane City Council over the next 2 years. The unit features custom clack steelwork and is constructed upon a reinforced 125mm thick concrete Slab with a laykold acrylic coating over the playing surface.

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