Descubre los parques infantiles en madera de Hags

Descubre nuestras unidades de juego de madera estándar y ejemplos hechos a medida. Si puedes soñarlo, ¡podemos construirlo!

UniMini Standard Units 

Nuestra gama de unidades multijuego para niños pequeños ofrece a los niños de 0 a 6 años oportunidades estimulantes, y las numerosas actividades de juego incluidas contribuyen positivamente a su desarrollo físico y mental. Nuestra gama se puede confeccionar a medida.

UniPlay Standard Unit in Nordic Pine Wood

These playground multi-play structures are perfect for older kids (5-12 years old) and are designed with different levels of challenge for children of all abilities. Our range can be custom made. 

UniPlay Standard Play Towns

Play Towns are a fun addition to play areas, providing imaginative play opportunities and a quiet space where children can relax and interact quietly with their friends. 

UniMini Custom Unit Example in Nordic Pine Wood

Do you want to create a playground that suits your environment? Do you have an idea or a specific theme that you want to build on? Allow your imagination to run wild! We offer a wide range of fun standard combinations to choose from, and you might find your perfect solution among them. Alternatively, we can create a unique playground by combining products according to your specific requirements.

Unimini Zyansa in wood

UniPlayCustom Unit Examples in Nordic Pine Wood

As a play system, UniPlay is perfect, varied and well-thought-out in every detail, full of opportunities for fun, and always with safety in focus. Choose from a large number of standard models or let yourself be inspired to create your own unique special stand together with HAGS designers. The possibilities are endless with this play system!



Levander Kolla Bexy

Flag Ship

Thiel Tower

UniMix Custom Unit Example in Nordic Pine Wood

With UniMix, you have the option of building UniMini with a UniPlay stand. Simply, two in one!

UniMix SP 04


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