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Welcome to Play Town

By the age of 4, almost all children have a natural inclination to imitate the roles of adults, for example as mechanics, waiters and vendors. Through role-playing, they learn valuable lessons such as understanding the world of adults, developing empathy for others and practicing appropriate social behaviours. 

Not only does role-playing help children process experiences and reduce their fears, but it also helps them to hone their communication skills, enabling them to express themselves more effectively. In this way, children can gain a better understanding of the world around them and develop the skills necessary to become successful adults.

We are introducing new play elements to enhance playgrounds - Play Town. With these additions children will have the opportunity to use their imaginations to play a wide variety of roles and interact with others.

With the small play units, "Post Office", "Charge Station", "Restaurant" and "Bakery", a variety of everyday situations can be acted out, creating complete small towns. 

Want to design a complete Play Town? 

Our team of expert designers can assist you in the creation of Play Town. The layout, user experience, and surfacing should all be taken into account. To further enhance the play experience, additional play equipment can be added.

Here are some pieces of equipment that we believe would be beneficial to the miniature town design, to maximise fun, imagination and create a pure sense of adventure!

Curious? We will plan your Play Town together with you. Get in touch with us!


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